User(s) are 100% sole responsible for any actions caused by running the system is a proven flooring franchise system that can be decentralized and can be duplicated in any city or state.

This system is designed to be followed precisely step by step. The name of user(s) company is up to the user(s)

User(s) may not use as an affiliation in any way, shape or format. will provide user(s) with a set of rules and instructions on how to set up their own flooring, company or franchise and is not tied to or affiliated with any flooring company from any user(s) creation.

The subscription allows user(s) to apply its tools and resources to make their own flooring franchise or existing flooring company franchise superior.

Signing up is free and after 3 days if user(s) decide to keep the service they will be prompted to upgrade to an actual paid subscription.

If user(s) do not upgrade to a paid subscription then the platform tools and services will be canceled.

At any time the user(s) can cancel the paid subscription or resume an unlimited number of times.